Language Compendium


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Language Compendium
Soft Cover, 70 pages
Colour photographs throughout
Published 14/02/2022
ISBN: 9781800686113

Texts by:
Michaela Cullen, Ayla Dmyterko, Karanjit Panesar, Mari R Rostami, Jala Wahid,

Language Compendium draws together writing and materials relating to three solo exhibitions by Karanjit Panesar, Jala Wahid and Michaela Cullen, that took place at Two Queens, Leicester between 2021-22.

Associated through a broad concern with ‘language’, these artists work with and subvert the narrative potentials of Poetry, Song, Script and Folklore. They share a concern for questions of agency, identity, diaspora and dislocation – concerns embedded in the makeup of words and language, and inferred whenever they are written, spoken and sung.

This publication is made possible by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Karanjit Panesar – Actor, Container (Script)
Jala Wahid – Cry Me a Waterfall (Lyrics)
Mari R. Rostami – Love of the Land: Imageries of Home in Kurdish Culture (Text)
Michaela Cullen – Cathedral of Worms (Text)
Ayla Dmyterko – & History Wails Beneath Us (Text)

Graphic Design: Sam Jones
Exhibition Photography: Jules Lister